Recently commissioned artworks: Here are some recently commissioned paintings:
If you wish to explore commissioning a painting or pastel you can find details of pricing in the 'where to buy' page.

Blackhall House, 50x70cm  oil on canvas.
This painting was commissioned by the owners of this beautiful 19th century home.
After exploring several views around the property and grounds we decided on this particular aspect which showed the height at the rear and outbuildings. I brought some of the landscaped garden into the scene and utilised the tree and shrub in the foreground as a compositional tool.
Railway Street, 80x120cm  oil on canvas.
This painting was commissioned by a local balbriggan family. The Painting features one of the owners' family home. The clients were Looking for a painting that would both remind them nostalgically of their home and childhood places but also be more than simply a documentary photographic reproduction of the place.
Dowlings' Corner, Skerries,     50x65cm  Pastel.
commissioned as a gift.
Strand Street, Skerries,     50x65cm  Pastel.
commissioned as a gift. 
Fishboxes, Rush Harbour.     25x40cm.   oil on panel.
This was one of a series of drawings and oil paintings on the theme of  fish boxes that werehanging off the pier at Rush in North County Dublin. This was an unusual and temporary occurence at the harbour and the patron wanted to capture these brightly coloured objects before they were removed.




Bakewell tarts,     15x20cm  Oil on Panel.
commissioned as a gift.
Smarties,     12x17cm  Oil on Panel.
commissioned as a gift.
The Artist's Brushes.     15x20cm.   oil on panel.
This was a really unusual commission where the client wanted me to paint a selection of my own brushes and art materials. I really enjoyed playing with textures of paint and integrating small narratives Into the artwork. The paint on the palette knife is the yellow paint that has just been used to paint the pencil and the brushes have brown tape that i often add to the ferrules to stop the glare of sunlight when painting 'en plein air'. you can also see the sharpened point of the brush Handle that i sometimes use for 'scraffito' during the painting process.